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Wedding Photographer in Goa, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Mumbai and other destinations

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WHO are we and WHY us

Wedding Phtographers in Goa

We are Shweta and Soumak.


We are a loving-bickering couple in real life. We live in Goa with our daughter (Lil D) and the paw-some MiCoTiKo. MiCoTiKo stands for mumma pug Mini, papa pug Cooper, the rescued Indie Tinker and baby pug Koel. Our house is one crazy place, we tell you.

We are engineers who left our IT jobs to follow our passion - photography.

After covering close to about 250 weddings, we now want to do photography because we love to do it. So, every year we want to do just about 10 weddings that we really connect with, lifestyle sessions and a few documentation projects.

In the chaos that commercial photography has now become in India, we are trying to hold on to our forte - capturing honest moments. We believe that amidst the waves of various trends that come and go every year, it's the genuine moments that would stand the test of time. 

If you are a couple who would like us to cover your wedding, we would request you to first go through our work and connect with us only if you love our work. It would be great if we can get to talk to you, hear about you, understand what you are looking for and then talk about the packages, rather than the other way round. After all, it always feels good to get to know someone who values photography in its own right.


Want to know more about us? Head over to the "About Us" section

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Wedding Photography is an art. It is a priceless expression of what probably is the most important day in your love story. The very best Wedding Photography captures the essence of the day - the emotions, the expressions, the love, the warmth, the beauty, the grandeur, the poetic simplicity - in the truest form. The best Wedding Photographer ensures that the story of this important day is documented in the finest possible manner.


We, are The Creative Lens, Wedding Photographer in Goa, take our Wedding Photography with utmost seriousness. We realize and appreciate the importance of this day and the huge responsibility we have on our shoulders. As one of the finest Wedding Photographer in India, we value the trust that so many couples place on us as their wedding photographer, memory-weaver, story-teller or whatever other term they would like to use for us.

We also provide Wedding Films or Documentary Wedding Videos as a service. After all, there are certain moments, emotions, expressions that can be best reproduced only through videos. In that way, a well made Wedding Film or Documentary Wedding Video is like a sweet music. Evergreen!


Our style? Simple. Elegant. Story-telling. 


"The best decision we took was to hire Shweta and Soumak as our wedding photographers. They have captured our small wedding so wonderfully. Every picture is so close to our heart and they have have done a splendid job in capturing the most essential moments of our lives. 
We even went for our post wedding shoot with them and the photos have come out so well. We never thought a small trip to the mountains will be filled with memories for life. 
We highly recommend them. They will understand the kind of pictures you are looking for and execute it to perfection. They are awesome to work with :) You will fall in love with the pictures, videos and them :) Thank you guys."

-  Mansi Bhatia

"I can not recommend Soumak and Shweta enough. Siddhant and I are both really camera shy, I have always disliked myself in pictures. I have the tendency to make a really strange camera face, so I basically can not pose for any pictures at all. Shweta really helped me through the wedding, taking pictures of me when I was busy or looking away. We would give them short periods of time, sometimes only a few minutes before our events (our pre-wedding shoot lasted less than 15 minutes) and they managed to get great pictures of us while we did our thing. "

-  Anyushka Dhawan

"Wedding Photography has gone to another level in today's times.
I personally love the candid part where the photographers take happy loving pictures of the chemistry between the couple, laughter in the family, pranks the friends play, the cuteness of the little ones- all in their natural raw forms, and Soumak did a super job at that.
Soumak is a person who makes you feel so comfortable and merges so well in the family and the background that the camera shyness is gone and the moments that you fondly remember but don't think are picture worthy are soooo well captured, that they definitely and truly are frame worthy and memories to cherish.
He makes you soooooooo comfortable.
Shweta who wasn't ever physically there but was always up with ideas and suggestions that we didn't once feel she that we hadn't met her. 
What's most captivating about the pictures is how he captures the emotions in the frame, especially love. It's like the pictures are drooling with love.
Thank you so much, Shweta and Soumak for the amazing time we had with you and the memories you etched for us forever."

- Apoorva Jain

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