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Jasneet and Nikhil

Nikhil was very clear. He wanted good photos. However, we distinctly remember our first meeting with Jasneet at a Cafe Coffe Day. She too wanted good photos. However, she was surprisingly clear with how she wanted her PreWedding photos to look. She wanted a white wedding theme to dominate one of the days of the shoot, a mustard field setup with proper Punjabi get-up to dominate the other day and some casual shots in between.


Yes, it was going to be one of the most extravagant themed Pre-Wedding sessions we were going to do.


What followed next were a series of discussions mainly between Jasneet and Shweta to discuss each and aspect of the shoot - location, timings, attires and what not. We decided to break the shoot into two days - one in Delhi in Humayun's Tomb and Lodhi Garden and the other in their home town in Patiala.


With such preparations, at times luck decides to lend a helping hand as well and we had a perfectly misty winter morning for the shoot in Delhi and a nice subdued sunny day in Patiala.


The result? Well, check out for yourselves.


Presenting the PreWedding session of two lovely people who we now count amongst our friends.  


Photographs by: Shweta and Soumak

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