Urvashi and Parth

Urvashi and Parth have an amazing concept of style - and by that, we don't mean the day to day fashion sense. It's that concept that ensured that when they stepped out of the car on the day of the shoot with their vintage styling, we were left with our jaws wide open. It was just perfect for the shoot we had in mind.


Flashback to their Creative Prewedding Photoshoot meeting - we agreed upon a shoot that would be totally a step back into the past, but without any props. We had the locations in mind - Connought Place, a narrow lane behind the Agrasen ki Baoli which we knew could be pretty nice backdrops, but the attires - well, that was left upto them with some basic ideas thrown in by us.


Take a look at the photos from this Prewedding Photoshoot. Take a step into the bygone era.


Photographs by: Shweta

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