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Aakanksha and Kanishk

A Pop-Art theme Pre Engagement Mehendi!! Now, how cool is that.


Add to that a bunch of fun loving people and what you get in the end is a gorgeous set of photos which you can look at again and again and feel happy yourself. That, in a nutshell was what this event of Aakanksha and Kanishk was all about.


They were a very photogenic couple, but, honestly we had a hard time keeping the cameras off Kanishk's mom, Mrs. Gupta. We also treasure some very emotional moments of Aakanksha's Mom, one of which (12th photo in the right column) was Aakanksha's sister Aalankriti trying to make her mom smile after she broke down into tears during an emotional moment in her song.


Photographs by: Shweta and Soumak

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