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Medha and Mayank

M&M - Medha and Mayank - were amongst our coolest couples. Medha was as carefree as a bride could get and Mayank, with his "Lungi Dance" performance in the Sangeet was a show stealer. Till date, whenever we hear "Lungi Dance", its Mayank's super charged dance that we are reminded of.


And, their wedding remains amongst our most beautiful morning weddings. The colours and the overall setup was nothing short of what you get to see in those lovely Destination Wedding photos. Although, in reality they had two full fledged weddings on the same day - the South Indian Wedding (Medha's family style) and a North Indian Wedding (as per Mayank's family) - we just couldnt help but post this one as the hand picked event.


Photographs by: Shweta and Soumak

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