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Joan and Kim

Sometime in November, Joan approached us wanting to know about our charges for a Surprise Proposal shoot. She had gotten our reference from her friend Neha, whose wedding we had covered just a few days ago. In the course of the conversation, she mentioned that they were both girls and wanted to know if we were comfortable doing the shoot.


Yes, we were, we said. We had already worked with same-sex couples when we were in Delhi, but those shoots were behind closed doors. India was still, at that time, grappling with whether same-sex couples could be a legally acceptable reality. So, the idea of doing Joan and Kim's shoot in our beautiful state of Goa, out in the open, was certainly a very excitable opportunity.


Fast forward to this lovely day of the shoot - we had chosen a relatively secluded hilltop and a nearby beach for a small couple shoot followed by the surprise proposal. Since Kim did not know Hindi, Joan and we decided that the cue for the actual moment would be Soumak shouting "Ab waqt aa haya hai" meaning "The time has now arrived". We loved the astonishment on Kim's face - even happier that we could capture it for them.


Kim with her elegance and grace is a perfect partner to Joan, who is bubbly, always excited and loved making faces. It was an absolute pleasure being associated with such a sweet and memorable day of their lives.


We had taken our daughter Dhriti to this shoot with us and she was curious and asked us a few questions later on why Joan being a lady proposed to Kim who is also a lady. We believe we did a decent job of explaining to her this aspect of human love and emotion.  


Joan and Kim, thank you so much for introducing our daughter to the true love two girls can share and making it absolutely normal for her in just a couple of hours.


While returning back, Shweta appeared thoughtful when she said "There is something so beautiful about two girls in love".


Yes, indeed!!


Photographs by: Shweta and Soumak


Photographs on this gallery and/or this gallery itself are STRICTLY for not sharing on any platform by anyone without permission of not only The Creative Lens, but also of Joan and Kim themselves. We urge everyone to kindly honour this request. 

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