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Locations that Excite Us - Beyond Palaces and Beaches

Wedding photographers love good locations and it's not very difficult to guess why. Probably the most important reason is that it helps create good backgrounds in photos.

Destination Wedding Photography at Neemrana

Destination Wedding Photography at Goa

With destination weddings in forts, palaces, beaches and exotic hotels becoming increasingly popular as wedding destinations, we are bombarded with beautiful photos shot at lovely locations. Its, but natural that every wedding photographer would love to shoot at these locations.

Destination Wedding Photography at Goa

Destination Wedding Photography at Noor Mahal

However, there are other aspects about a location, that excite us as well.

Like, the house that Manjari's dad had built but, unfortunately couldn't live in. The emotional attachment she has with the house made her plan her Mehendi at this place. More of the photos here.

Telegu Wedding Photography in Delhi

Day Wedding Photography in Delhi

Like, Neha's house in Dehradun where she had her Mehendi.

Contemporary Wedding Photography in Dehradun

Day Wedding Photography in Dehradun

Like, Saatvika's grandmother's house in Dehradun, which she chose to get married in. By the way, she is wearing the same lehenga her mother wore on her wedding day and sitting in front of the same mirror to get ready that her mother too sat in front on her wedding day.

Documentary Wedding Photography in Dehradun

Candid Wedding Photography in Dehradun

Like Avani's aunt's house in Lutyen's Delhi with a distinct colonial feel that was the venue for her Mehendi.

Candid Wedding Photography in Delhi

Documentary Wedding Photography in Delhi

Like the simple, but bright decoration that Sushmita chose to make her wedding day beautiful. Marigolds can create magic, can't they?

Documentary Wedding Photography in Delhi

Documentary Wedding Photography in Delhi

So, you see. it goes much beyond just palaces and beaches. For your wedding, you might be having some such personal options as well.

Photo Credits (other than Shweta and Soumak):

Manjari's Mehendi photos by Sudhanshu Verma for The Creative Lens

Saatvika's decor photos by Anurag Kumar for The Creative Lens

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