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Mini Wedding Story 02 : A Short, Sweet, Meaningful Message | Wedding Photographer in Goa

We were having an impromptu discussion with Pragya as she was getting ready. It was a single videographer assignment with Soumak on the camera. We did not have the luxury of a formal interview setup, and in any case, we have begun to realise that at times impromptu conversations bring out the best in a lot of people and have started to encourage that over formal interviews. Somehow, in the wedding film context, we feel they are more real too - but, then, that's our opinion about it. Some agree, and others disagree. However, let's come back to the story. We asked Pragya to say something like a message to Divyanshu. I am sure Pragya was not prepared for this question and kept it very short. However what she said about Divyanshu's message to her when he had officially proposed is something we found incredibly meaningful. Hear it in the video below. Weddings are fantastic occasions to learn about relationships, aren't they?

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