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Love in the Forests | Wedding Photographer in India | Wedding Photographer in Goa

Kritika and Vivek got married in Jammu.

We travelled a day before the main events for their Pre-Wedding shoot. When we eventually got to start the shoot it was past noon and Kritika had to be back home for a small ritual before sunset. So, we did not actually have much time. What was good was that the location we had selected was almost a forest and that provided us with patches of light and shadow. While wandering around in the location, we came across this nice red empty building, which though we couldn't figure out what it was, it served as a nice background.

This was not a music or guitar theme shoot. Vivek is a singer and plays guitar. They were totally into each other as Vivek strummed on his guitar and both of them sang together as we took the photos. It made for a perfect moment, an otherwise silent forest with the sound of birds and the music by them. Not much of posing was required and we could leave them to be themselves. The photos we got were simply, classy and very much about them and their love for music.

#keepitreal is a hashtag, we hold very dear to our heart.

Photos by: Shweta and Soumak

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