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  • Shweta

A Super Intimate Dreamy Wedding

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Priyanka and Varun were supposed to get married in Goa in April 2021 with about 100 people celebrating with them. And then Covid-19 Wave 2 happened in India and their plans got shelved.

Cut to 3 months later and we were wondering when they will get married and we got a call from Varun one Monday.

"Soumak, we have decided to go ahead with our wedding. We have waited enough. We are getting married this Sunday in a super intimate ceremony with just 6 people at the <name of property> at Rishikesh. Are you free? If you are, you will be the 7th person in the wedding!"


This was Monday. And half of Monday was already gone. There were some restrictions still in place in various states. Is it possible to do it? However, we couldn't not shoot this wedding. So Soumak replied with a prompt yes.

He landed in Dehradun on Friday, after two flight cancellations and two rebooking of tickets, all patiently managed by Varun. His RTPCR result was delayed too, but thankfully the Air India staff didn't check for it at the check-in counter at the Delhi airport (although, ideally they should have and could have denied boarding). The result came when he actually sat inside the aircraft.

However, all the challenges were totally worth when we got to cover one of our most intimate and dreamy weddings. Priyanka and Varun and their families and friends were the warmest persons and we are extremely fortunate to have witnessed and documented it.

P.S: Priyanka's mom told us that Priyanka always wanted a monsoon wedding. The weather gods certainly granted her the wish.


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