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The Goan Vibe

Goa has something that no other place has. It's in the air. It's on the streets. It's there on its beaches, but with an equally big dollop away from the sea. 


The colours, the perennial summery feel, the lush greenery - it forms a perfect backdrop for budding as well as an already matured romance.  


Goa is synonymous with holidays and happy times. Being 'Goans' ourselves, it's but natural that we try to promote as much of it as possible. Here are glipses from a few PreWedding Photo shoots we have done in Goa.


While you enjoy the photos and get inspired to have your PreWedding photo shoot in Goa, either by us or someone else, our humble request to you is to keep in mind the serenity and the peace that this place has to offer. To keep Goa the way it is and to let the friendly locals continue to be helpful and accommodative during photo shoots, it's important that we do not disturb our surroundings with our noise levels and the number of people.

Photos by: Shweta and Soumak


PreWedding Photographer India
Pre Wedding Photographer India
Pre Wedding Photographer India
PreWedding Photography Goa
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