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About Us



So glad that we found you here. We are Shweta and Soumak.


We are married to each other, have a lovely, bubbly 13-year-old daughter named Dhriti and share our love also with four adorable bundles - Mini and Cooper, Koel and Tinker (fondly called Tinker Tailor). 


We love documenting weddings. Photographing and Videographing them in a way that they become the most precious memorabilia for you from your wedding - that, which reminds you of how beautiful your wedding was.

Wedding photojournalism is the right term that defines our style. We shoot weddings as they are - the moments, the setup, the persons - as that defines your wedding and makes it unique from the others. And might we say that we do a pretty good job at this.

We feel the emotions. We observe the small rituals across traditions. We love to travel to different destinations and like to make friends with people we meet. We try to bring all these in the photos we take. We have been part of about 300 wedding celebrations across different cultures and these have helped us evolve a bit personally and also in the way we take photos and videos.


Please have a look around. Let's get to know each other


Let's make your wedding memories cherishable. 

Services Offered

Documentary Wedding Photography - thats what we really excel in and has been both of our love. We could also call it Candid Wedding Photography. 

To complement candid photography, our extended team also provides traditional (stage) photography services which provides a comprehensive guest coverage. Depending on the number of guests and the requirement, one or more traditional photographers form a part of the team. 

Wedding Films have become the second most sought after service after documentary wedding photography ever since we started in-house wedding films during the wedding season of 2015-16. We keep things simple and sweet. No frill and fancies and gimmicks.

Traditional (studio syle) videography services are provided for those who want to capture the celebrations in a simple and pocket friendly video. The number of videographers vary from assignment to assignment based on the requirement.


Though, through a separate brand now, Shweta does a lot of Lifestyle (maternity, newborn, families) photo sessions as well and is among the best lifestyle photographers in the country. Her website is

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