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Information and Contact Details

Wedding Photography in Goa

Preferably by Phone or WhatsApp:

Soumak for Wedding Photography 

+91 98347 96136 (Primary)

+91 88267 44995 (Backup)


Shweta for Lifestyle Photography

+91 92843 62349 


In case we are not reachable on call, please drop a WhatsApp message to Soumak so that we can get back to you.


e-Mail: or kindly use the e-mail form below.


Base Location: Goa, India.


We do not charge for accommodation in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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To ensure that we are able to respond with the required details in the first instance itself, please let us know:

- The full schedule of events / ceremonies with timings (tentative is fine)

- The guest strength in each event / ceremony

- The exact venue for the events (not just the city). ​

It would help to also get the bride and/or groom's Instagram handle in the mail so that we know its a genuine query and not a false query from our competitors to get our package details.

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