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Wedding Films

The Creative Lens provides in-house Wedding Films as a service as well. Our Wedding Films style is pretty similar to our candid wedding photography - more of documenting how the celebrations have been. No overkill of ultra slow motion footages (we do use it, but, where it's necessary), no jazzy effects, no over the top filmy stuff. It's about the true "You" - something you should be able to relate to even years down the line. 


Following are a few of the wedding film teasers which we have delivered to our clients.


At the moment, we are providing Wedding Films as a standalone service only for a few selected assignments where our clients want to work with other photographers who do not provide an in-house wedding film service themselves. In most of the cases, though it's provided as a service in conjunction with our own wedding photography services.


If the resolution of the videos is not good, click on the "setup" button (looks like a gear) at the bottom right of the player and select "1080p" or 720p" HD settings.





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