Wedding Photography

Your wedding is perhaps the most important occasion of your life. You put in a lot of effort, thought and resources to make it a once in a lifetime experience for yourself and your better half. Needless to say, that you would like to treasure each and every moment of this magnificent celebration. Choosing a professional wedding photographer who can carefully document this day through candid photography might seem a difficult task. You want your wedding photographer to have a keen eye for every small detail, the moments, the emotions, the expressions and yet, you want this to be done in a very non-intrusive manner. You want moments to be captured in their spontaneity. In short, you want documentary wedding photography. You want someone who can blend in with your family and the guests like a friend, and yet, at the end of the day have a very professional approach to the entire experience. That is where we, The Creative Lens, come in as a team of experienced wedding photographers.


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