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Soumak is an emotional dad and as such finds it difficult to go through a Vidaai without a lump in his throat. 

He is usually quieter when I am around, but when alone, likes to chat up a lot more with brides and grooms. Don't ask me why. There is absolutely no logical reason behind it. However, when it comes to getting close to get his shot, he does it amazingly well and discretely.

We were proud to have him amongst the top 5 SILK Award winners in 2016 for his ability to tell stories through a series of photos. He does it well, actually. You can check out the story on our blog.

He likes experimenting with artificial lights and you can see a few of the results in the gallery below. He has been inspired by quite a few international wedding photographers he has met with personally, but tries to find a balance in the Indian context.

- Shweta  

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