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Kritika and Geet

Back in 2008, when we were yet to start wedding photography, Shweta and Soumak had made a trip to Madikeri, in Coorg. When they were looking for places to stay in, they had come across the name of Orange County, Coorg. Of course, back then they did not have the budget to stay there, but they had liked the place so much that the name had stuck onto their memories. They did not know then, that almost nine years later, they would be covering the very first wedding in this beautiful property (now known as Evolve Back, Coorg) - the marriage of Kritika and Geet.


It was yet another wedding where the families had gathered together to spend memorable time, getting these two lovely people married. There were no late night parties and there were no unnecessary extravaganza. Things were simple, beautiful and very homely. Soumak, finds it very easy to get engrossed in such a wedding and usually gets a certain kind of satisfaction photographing such a marriage. The results speak many words.


Photographs: Soumak and Purushottam Deb

Wedding Planning: Vivaah Makers

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