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Charu and Jaynesh

Destination weddings are awesome. Especially, when you have one in Goa. However, this one in December 2018 was a notch higher. A close knit gathering in the very pretty Prainha Resort by the Sea make a photographers' delight, is what we realised.


Charu is Bangladeshi. Jaynesh is Gujarati. They make a really sweet pair. And one of those pairs, who enjoyed their wedding without being bothered about the occasional hiccups that any wedding brings with it.


They both like simple and honest coverage and hence, their pre-wedding photos, which we will start with, are a reflection of their simple personalities. We really believe in making photos which our couples will relate to years down the line.

Let us take you through this celebration of two days - which were a roller coaster of emotions. Some tears, a lot of laughter and a lot of enjoyment.

Venues: Prainha Resort by the Sea and Cidade de Goa

Wedding Planner: KV Decor

Photographs by: Shweta, Soumak and Purushottam

Video team (not apparent here): Soumak, Sudhanshu and Soumarshi

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