Mahi and Vipul

Jaipur. A Heritage Property. A Willys Jeep of 1941 Vintage. Traditional Rajasthani 'Poshaak'. A stylish couple with an unbeatable chemistry - Mahi and Vipul.


One of our recent prewedding shoots had all of these and more.


This was one of the prewedding shoots where we had decided to predominantly pose Mahi and Vipul, rather than have more of candid photos and we were lucky to have them pull off each pose with equal ease. Best of all, they carried their personality really well.

A lot of our pre-wedding shoots in recent times is taking us back to traditional Indian wear and we are loving it. After all, not only is it uncommon, but also it showcases our culture.


We feel good seeing them in these photos and hope you do too.


Photographs by: Shweta and Soumak

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