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A Graceful Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Destination Weddings are always exciting to cover. There is often an extra element of beauty and a sense of closely knit charm to them, that makes them attractive to photograph. We don't mean to say that non-destination weddings are not as attractive. In fact, each wedding has its own story to tell which is attractive in its own way.

So, what was it about this wedding that we loved - other than the fact that it was a destination wedding?

We got to know two individuals who are so mature in a lot of ways. No, we don't mean mature in a serious, less smiling way. On the contrary, Ankita and Shreyas are very jolly natured. They always had a smile on their face. They were both very calm and to both, their families and loved ones mattered a lot. A bit of it also comes out in the Teaser interview.

We loved meeting and talking to them and their parents. They were wonderful and made us feel so much a part of the family. We became a fan of Shreyas' mom, Dr.Sadhna Arya. It's inspiring to see someone so full of energy.

We had a celebration that was very balanced. It was about two families who came together and celebrated this lovely occasion. There was nothing which was over the top. We loved the grace that Ankita and Shreyas' wedding had.

It was a wedding we would have loved to cover even if it had not been a destination wedding.

Check out the photos in the slideshow below.

Also, do not miss out the Wedding Film Teaser.

The Creative Lens Team:

Candid Photography - Shweta and Sudhanshu

Videography - Soumak, Lovely and Dilip

Prod. Assistants - Rakesh and Soumarshi

Traditional Photography - Ravi

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