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A Lovely Day, a Cancelled Shoot and Some Off-Work Photography

We recently went to Mussoorie for a PreWedding Shoot. It was supposed to be a lovely shoot in one of the best properties in Mussoorie - The Jaypee Residency Manor. The day was perfect. Bouts of sunny moments, followed by a calming cloud cover. In fact it also drizzled a bit that day. However, luck wasn't fully on our and particularly our would-be groom's side. He developed a back sprain because of which the shoot had to be cancelled.

As we waited for the cab to take us back to Dehradun, we decided to do some off-work photography and so Sudhanshu became my model for the day.

Now, Sudhanshu is borderline crazy!! I mean, why else would someone go on a solo bicycle trip from Jaipur to freaking-far-off Kanyakumari? Inspiro India even ran a story on him and so did Entripreneur. He is one totally awesome photographer who comes with a really cool demeanour. His style often becomes the talking point of weddings he gets to cover. Well, we can go on forever about this chap, but the thing is that this is his second stint with The Creative Lens and seems like he is here to stay for a while at least.

So here are a few photos from the lovely day where we had a cancelled shoot and we went out for a walk. Poor guy also got stung by some kind of a weed which kept him preoccupied time and again during the entire journey back.

Photo Courtesy: Soumak

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