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The Feminist Dress | Wedding Photographer in India


Shweta and I have discussed at times what it should mean and stand for. It could be a bit difficult to write about Feminism, being a man. There are countless problems and situations and inequalities women across the world have to face on a regular, if not daily basis. Its difficult to fully comprehend all of them without having to ever face them. Its true that these genuine problems need to be addressed and solutions found. When women (and sometimes, men) stand up to these problems and demand justice or equality, it makes perfect sense and we, men as well should do our bit to support such stands and try to change things.

However, I believe that at times 'feminists' take it a bit too far in the name of feminism. They try to take it beyond women empowerment to women domination. As much as feminism should be about demanding more women in, say, the corporate world, so should it also be about ensuring that the basis is 'merit' and not 'mere reservation'. As much as feminism should be about demanding that women are allowed to do jobs that were earlier being done only by men, so should it also be about an able woman, vacating her seat for an elderly man in a public transport. It should be okay for a man to express his views on feminism.

I did not believe that a true feminist should shout out to the world and proclaim that he or she is a 'feminist'. That to me, was taking things a bit far. Maybe, till now.

So, when Shweta showed me the rouge dress from Vajor - the well known women's wear Fashion and Lifestyle Brand - with the word 'feminist' embroidered on it all across, my first reaction was to cringe - just as they put it. It was a very pretty dress with nice floral embroidery, but I could not accept the word 'feminist' all over it. After all, why is that necessary?

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Then I picked up this card, which accompanied the dress and really appreciated the idea. It spoke about true feminism, as much as I could think, and suddenly the embroidered 'feminist' made sense to me.

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Shweta wore this dress on a recent outing that all three of us had, trying to scout for places for an upcoming Pre-Wedding shoot and I was entrusted with the camera. The dress, the place, the lady - beautiful, aren't they?

The Feminist Rouge Dress - by Vajor. Thanks a bunch to the lovely team.

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