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Irene and Rohan ⎟ Christian Wedding in Delhi | Wedding Photographer in Delhi

I had met Rohan through a very dear friend and we had worked together before. More than anything else we know that he is a very genuine person. When I met Irene, I realised that Rohan has found the perfect girl in his life.

It was a wedding which was built up by family, friends and one could see how everyone was happy. Happy, in a very warm and genuine way. I was amazed to see how friends from Ashraya Noida were there for every little detail.

There was a lot of faith and positive energy during the wedding. I was completely present and I enjoyed documenting each and every moment. There are many photos that is really close to my heart. Few people came up to me and told me that they found me very engrossed in their wedding. I truly was.

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