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Arshrika and Ooril ⎟ Beautiful Wedding by the Hills | Top 10 Wedding Photographers in India

|We have covered quite a few weddings in Dehradun by now. In fact, after Delhi NCR, its probably Dehradun where we get to travel the most. All the weddings we have covered so far in Dehradun had one thing common to them. They had a certain level of intimacy and warmth. Each one of them. Irrespective of how big or 'not big' they were.

Soumak, recently travelled to Dehradun once again. To cover Arshrika and Ooril's wedding. It was one of those weddings where we spoke to only Arshrika over the phone and met her once in Delhi, when she was in Delhi to collect her Lehenga and do other things for the wedding. We met Ooril directly in Dehradun. Not that it mattered a lot. He was quite an open personality when Soumak met him for the first time.

The first event was Arshrika's Mehendi.

In the evening, the family had an informal gathering followed by dinner. Ooril and his family joined Arshrika and her family too. We did get a few nice moments between them.

The guys with the swag are Arshrika's cousins - really close to her.

The Haldi was the next morning. It was bright, sunny and the colours were simply awesome.

All the events other than the main wedding were at the lawn of Arshrika's home in Dehradun. If one thinks about it, it makes so much sense to have wedding celebrations at home - a place where the bride has been attached to almost all her life.

As she continued sitting and pondering after everyone left, it made a nice frame. She with her small personal time amidst all the things going on around her.

The Sangeet that followed later in the evening was a fun affair. There were energy packed performances and it was great watching the families enjoy themselves.

Soumak had a bad fall during the evening, but thankfully it wasnt bad enough to create a problem for the wedding the next day.

The Wedding was against a very beautiful setup at the bottom of the hills. Things were running late and the ceremonies had to be rushed through, but both Arshrika and Ooril were visibly happy and enjoying themselves during the phere. The venue was handpicked by Arshrika and indeed it was a really good choice.

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