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Ruchi and Harry | #HappilyEverGrewal | Wedding Photographer in Delhi

This was one of those weddings where we were tensed!

Yes, its rare, but does happen. Documenting a wedding is a big responsibility and when we are in a wedding where a lot is happening, it becomes important to not miss anything. Moments high on energy, moments high on emotion, touches of history - Ruchi and Harry's wedding had it all.

It rained on the morning of the wedding and that made Ruchi tensed, but it also added to a freshness everywhere around.

Documenting weddings in a way that it is treasured forever, documenting weddings with honesty and showing things the way they actually are is not easy. We try our best every singe time, but there is that final ratification that is required from the bride and the groom. We were ecstatic when the photos and the teaser both were exactly what they wanted and in the first go itself. "Every single picture is perfect", said Ruchi.

Before we go into the photos, here is their wedding film teaser.

The photos.

Well, they are a bit different. Our favourite ones are those from their getting ready moments on the wedding day. They are interesting.

Check them out and the others too.

Photos by: Shweta, Soumak and Sudhanshu

Video: Soumak, Sudhanshu and Lovely

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