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The Mr. and Mrs. and The Very Pretty City | Pre Wedding in Udaipur

Those of you who follow us regularly on Instagram would be familiar with Shashwata and Chetan - the Mr. and Mrs. as we fondly call them.

Quite a chilled out couple these two are. They seem quite particular in the first impression, but actually they are quite open to ideas and improvising on the go.

We went around Udaipur with them for their Pre Wedding shoot. It being June, we did not actually have full days with us, as the daytime temperature would have been quite high for a shoot. So, we had to be quite selective on where we wanted to shoot.

We were lucky to have a cloud cover, but the wind was very strong. After our drone toppled over due to the winds before even taking to the air, we decided to pack it up and have our feet firmly on the ground - a bit literally.

We shot at Badi Lake, Lake Pichola, The Lalit and also a muddy pond with a lot of lotuses. Here are a few of the photos from the session.

We would love to shoot in the alleys around Amrai someday - quite a few nice wall arts and rustic houses there.

Wedding Photographer Goa

Wedding Photographer in Udaipur

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