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Mini Wedding Story 01: A Mom and Her Daughter's Story | Wedding Photographer in India

While covering weddings, we often come across little things that touch us profoundly. It might be something behind the scene or something that people who we interact with have told us. These little stories have a lot of emotional value but are difficult to express in just photographs.

This blog, which we eventually want to expand into a series is our humble attempt at capturing such a story.

We were sitting with Anyushka's mom, Mrs.Sangeeta Dhawan the day before the wedding celebrations started. In our previous meetings, we had been simply awe struck by her personality. She had mentioned in the course of our conversations previously that she wanted to go on a long bike-trip. Isn't that so cool! Who can possibly not love her?

Anyway, so this time, she mentioned that she is going to miss her daughter. Of course, any mother would. However, the reason she gave was that it's because they have always managed to be around her. Even when Anyushka went abroad, they had met every 4 months.

It's not always easy, we had realized.

And then a day later this happened just before Anyushka was about to get ready to be a bride.

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They spent a brief moment together and then Mrs.Dhawan left the room.

Anyushka turned to Shweta and said "They have spent a lot of time with me".

We were amazed how both of them hold this bit of their relationship so close to their heart and how her parents' efforts meant so much to Anyushka.

Parenthood goal for Shweta and I.

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