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A Midnight PreWedding Shoot in Delhi | Wedding Photographer in Delhi

Prewedding shoots start at 5:00 AM and they start at 7:30 PM. They could go on till about 11:00 PM, maybe even a bit later.

But, have you ever heard of a PreWedding shoot that starts at 1:00 AM in the morning and goes on till 3:30 AM? Pretty insane that would be, wouldn't it?

Well, thats what we conceptualised this time and our super energetic couple Tarini and Ayush were up for it the moment we described the shoot to them. Later on they told us that the timing suited them better as for them to make out time during the day would have been super difficult.

So, we reached CP at around 1:00 AM and started with the first few shots.

Wedding Photographer in India

Delhi Wedding Photographer

Pre Wed Photoshoot in Delhi

Delhi, and particularly, CP never fails to surprise us. We must have done 3 shoots already here (one of them can be seen here) and each time we get a different look. This time we had a slightly mysterious CP without people, without the hustle bustle with a lovely play of lights and shadows - quite the way we had imagined it would be.

Wedding Photographer in Delhi and India

Indian Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer in Delhi, NCR

We could have shot under the arches and pillars forever, but that would be quite boring, wouldn't it? So we decided to step on the roads.

With CP covered, we headed over to Lodhi Colony. Once again, we had shot here during the day a couple of times. However, the feel of the night is simply much more different and interesting, we think.

With Ayush yawning by that time and a dozen of dogs barking frantically, we decided to call it a day before the whole of Lodhi Colony woke up.

Ayush had reached India just about 24 hours ago and had hardly slept after that.

A few suggestions for couples and photographers trying to do such a shoot:

- Safety is a big concern. Please stick to places that are well lit or have at least a few decent people around.

- Gauge the crowd before you simply step out of your vehicle and start shooting. We did not stop at a particular place because the crowd did not give us a good feeling. Listen to your instincts.

- Have an hour or two of sleep before you head out for such insane hour shoots

- Always account for all variables. We were not expecting the dense smog that greeted us, for example.

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